Cameroon - Sample Itineray


Visit the Pagoda in Douala, which is the headquarters of the traditional rulers of the city, and was made the administrative headquarters after the First World War.

The lava flows of the 1999 volcanic eruption of Bakingili Limbe and the Limbe Botanic Gardens and the Wildlife Centre should be included in Limbe, as well as the Fish markets set up on the beach; the Seme new beach is for those seeking sea side relaxation and ocean or water activities including exhilarating canoe rides. Kribi is a beach resort with stunning white sands.

Mount Cameroon or “Chariots of God” located on the coast at Limbe is the highest mountain in West and Central Africa (4,095m or 13,435 feet) and draws hikers and climbers.

In the capital city of Yaounde visit the national museum and also the gorilla sanctuary at Mfou.

From the coastal area there are day trips to the pigmy villages of Campo and to the Lope Falls.

Traditional mask dances in the villages of the North Western Provinces replicate an authentic ritual, still practiced today. You can enjoy this ritual at the Bafut Palace in Bamenda together with a visit to the museum and the palace..
In Foumban you should visit the Bamoun Kingdom (since the 19th century) and the Palace of Sultan Njoya, from where you can follow the Sultan to the neighbouring mosque on Fridays and experience the fantasia celebration which follows the service..
Sunrise in the picturesque villages of Rhumsiki and Kapsiki is a breathtaking experience. After sunrise continue your trek to Amsa where you find traditional goldsmiths. Do not leave Rhumsiki without visiting the Marabout to have your fortune told!

You can take a Pirogue (small boat) on Lake Chad, Africa’s second largest lake, at Maga Look out for fishermen villages.....and watch out for hippos!


For those whole like to mix culture and adventure try trekking in the Mandara and the Atlantika Mountains of the North. You will meet the indigenous Maffas tribe of the mountains. They are virtually untouched by civilisation and still use leaves and backs of trees for clothing and shelter.

On any visit to Cameroon you should take at least a day safari in the Waza National Park, which is the largest in West Africa. Established since 1968, its inhabitants include lion, elephant, hippo, rhino, cheetah, warthog, roan, gazelle, ostrich and one of the only remaining populations of Kordofan giraffe. Additionally, 379 species of bird have been recorded.
The park is reached by a regular flight from Douala..

The entire Eastern Province is covered by Equatorial rainforest, and those seeking adventure and ecotourism should visit the Lobeke National Park, where the animals include forest elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and a variety of birdlife. The facilities of the park include a large observation platform in the middle of the jungle in an area frequented by gorillas and chimps.
A visit to this park is usually combined with the Naoubale Ndoki National Park of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville and Dsangha Sangha National Park of the Central African Republic. These three parks form the tri national parks of the Congo basin and offer the unique opportunity to track lowland gorillas and see habituated mangabeys.

There are various ways to approach a safari to the Tri-National Parks.
We recommend access from Cameroon. Which option you take depends on the time you have available and your budget.
For all enquiries we shall provide tailor-made proposals and quotations.

These are the options:-
  • Take the regular flight to Waza National Park and continue into Dsangha Sangha National Park (DSNP) in the Central African Republic by road via Garoua and Garoua Boulai to Yokadouma and cross the border to Bayanga and the DSNP. This takes three days and accommodation en route with be in simple guesthouses.

  • Fly from Maroua to Bayanga by charter flight.

  • Fly from Waza back to Douala on the regular flight and continue by regular flight to Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic and continue by charter flight to DSNP.

  • Fly from Waza to Yaounde on the regular flight and proceed to DSNP by road.

For the next part of the journey and the visit to the third National Park there is a four hours boat trip down the River Sangha to the Naoubale Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo Brazzaville.

There are three options for the return trip to Cameroon:-
  • Take a boat upstream on the river to Libongo and drive to Yokadouma and Yaounde

  • By boat to Libongo and continue by charter flight to Yaounde or Douala

  • By boat to Bayanga and continue by charter flight or by vehicle to Bangui

The least expensive option involves using a combination of regular flights and vehicles resulting in a safari of about 18 days in total.

Most people approach the safari by using a combination of regular and charter flights which reduces the time considerably. In that case your time is dictated by the amount of time you wish to spend in each park plus two days of travelling set aside for air and four hours by boat.

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