Central African Republic


For those visiting the National Park there is tourist accommodation by the river at Bayanga comprising small guesthouses and a lodge. The Doli Lodge comprises eight wooden bungalows raised above the ground on stilts with rooms with en-suite shower and toilet. Each bungalow has a fan and a terrace overlooking the Sangha River. An annexe with 4 bedrooms is suitable for families.

In the capital Bangui there are three star hotels, including the Oubangui on the banks of the river of the same name and the Hotel du Centre.

As visa regulations and local laws change frequently and often without notice, dmAFRICA can accept no responsibility regarding the need for or availability of visas, and suggests that the agent and the client check with the embassy of the countries to be visited in the issuing country of their own passports. The information below is therefore only a guide:

All tourist visitors require an entry visa. dmAFRICA will assist you in providing the necessary application form and advise on the required procedures. In the USA you can apply directly in the Central African Republic embassy in Washington but in other cities, including London, visas are handled by the French embassy. The procedure can be slow and it is usual to wait for three days for an appointment.

A one month entry visa will be issued to all tourisst visiting the Central African Republic.

For those visitors that will be visiting several countries including Cameroon we can obtain their Central African Republic visas in Cameroon for a €100 fee.

However, we highly recommend obtaining a visa before travelling, as history shows that airline security procedures are such that flight boarding may be refused by the airline to any traveller without a visa. We can provide a letter of invitation to facilitate boarding, but this does not guarantee getting on a flight.

Where clients have a Central African Republic embassy or consulate or a service provided by the French embassy available in their country, we are recommending you obtain a visa in advance.

French and the local language Sango are the national languages and are widely spoken along with local tribal languages.

The local currency is the West African CFA franc (US$1= 450 CFA; €1= 650 CFA).
Our tour leaders will help you with currency exchange. The use of credit cards is very limited and ATM cash machines are only available in Bangui and Berberati and will accept only Visa cards.

Malaria is endemic. You must consult your doctor before you travel to ensure that you are prescribed the correct type protection.
For visits to the national park you must be free from influenza and coughs.
Yellow fever immunization is obligatory and we recommend immunization against hepatitis and meningitis.
You should consult with your medical practitioner prior to any visit to this region

We recommend drinking only bottled water throughout your stay.

Time Difference
Central African Republic is on GMT +1

220v with 2 or 3 pin sockets. A European adaptor is required.


May We Also Suggest ...

If you are an intrepid explorer and very adventurous here are a couple of things you may wish to include

  • Visit the Chutes de Mbaiki waterfalls which are 50 metres or 164 feet

  • When in camp try the palm wine and local beer

  • Try the staple diet of rice, fermented cassava and bananas

Suggested Reading:
  • “The Central African Republic; the Continent’s Hidden Heart” a social study by Thomas E. O’Toole

How To Get There

We recommend visits as part of a safari circuit with access best from Cameroon. However, it is possible to access from the Republic of Congo Brazzaville for clients who have an ongoing itinerary which makes access from Brazzaville more suitable

dmAFRICA in Central African Republic

We have a branch office located in the diplomatic quarter of Bangui. Our staff provide airport and local services and speak English and French. Commercial matters are managed by the Head office in Douala, Cameroon.

You should contact sales@dmAFRICA.com in the first instance